Inspired by the Lens – Part 1

Pentax KX

The first camera to be featured on our Inspired by the Lens is our Pentax KX.  Both myself and Charles had cameras around us when we were children, like most kids our age, but this was the first camera we bought for ourselves grow-up style.  It began over 20 years ago when my father passed away and left me a few dollars.

Pentax KX Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

It wasn’t much and I was going to just pay some bills with it.  Luckily a close friend advised me to spend the money on something that would inspire me as my father did in his life with his craftsmanship and mechanical skills.  So that afternoon I took my dollars and I went into the local Pawn Shop and haggled with the shopkeeper for a bit and came away with the Pentax KX.  I was very excited, but was not sure where to start.  Charles was able to guide me through the beginning as he had watched his father load many rolls of film.

The good advice from a friend not only brought us our first camera but it also brought us an avenue into the wide world of photography.  Eventually that inspiration grew into a small business that has survived through many phases to where we are today.  Thanks for the inspiration Dad!

Film and processing was expensive for us then and so we learned to spool bulk B&W film ourselves and we built a darkroom in our closet to process our film.  Soon after that the bathroom became the print processing room and the living room was our studio where we did our first professional band photo shoots and portrait photography.  Our world had become photography.

This small camera, the Pentax KX, started us on our journey and I think it’s so fun when something so simple can give so much in return.  Sure we have “fancy” cameras that are all digital and stuff if you want to call them fancy, but there is something to be said about the more manual days of cameras. It’s like the days of cars with carburetors, but that could start a whole new conversation so I will leave you with one final nod to the KX.  That camera taught me about light and exposure and how to frame a picture and has continued to provide inspiration even while it sits in its spot amongst our collection, so thanks to the KX and here’s to being inspired by the lens.

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written by Michelle Lee 2017


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