Inspired by the Lens – Part 2

Pentax Z-1P

The second camera to be featured on our Inspired by the Lens is the Pentax Z-1P.  As we started to get more photography work we decided it was time to buy a new camera.  We had a budget, well that was to say we needed to create a budget.  We didn’t have the extra money then for gear, most of our equipment was a mismatch of camping gear used in a creative way or things we had found at thrift stores.  So in order to build up our budget we decided to trade in some of our other hobbies and passions for our photography business.  You know you are inspired when you are willing to give up something you love for another passion.  Not to say you will not come back to that interest later in life, but to focus all of one’s attention on a task can bring about great results.  We sold our climbing gear, our beloved bicycle and anything we didn’t need at the time.  With dollars in hand we went shopping.

We needed a camera that was durable and versatile, the Pentax Z-1P was the one we went with.  It was at the top of the Pentax SLR’s back then and you could buy the body and a bunch of lens and accessories for the small price as a stand alone body with one lens from some of the other larger camera companies.

It was our first auto-focus camera and we felt fancy at the time.  This was the camera that we did a large amount of our first professional work with.  That poor camera saw just about every situation a camera could, from studio shoots, head-shots, band and music gigs, wildlife and nature photography, weddings and I think even a few babies.

Unfortunately we no longer have the Pentax Z-1P around.  But happily the camera went on to live another day.  We actually sold it to a younger photographer who was just getting started in the business.  We had outgrown it and needed new gear so it moved on to help the budget for the next camera in our collection.

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written by Michelle Lee 2017



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