Year of the Dog

Happy New Year! With the start of a new year in the lunisolar calendar for many places around the world, I tend to focus on the Chinese culture in particular.  Perhaps it is the fact that animals are associated to every year and I think that is really fun.  Or maybe it is the use of the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water that are on a yin and yang cycle that rotates through the years.  Regardless, I enjoy learning more about a calendar that my day to day world is not familiar with and a culture that has such a rich history.

2018: Year of the Earth Dog, two things I can really relate to as a dog lover who lives in rural Canada.  The element of earth is thought to bring about more stability or a grounded feeling.  This is something that my dogs have always brought to my life.  I grew up with dogs around me but it was when I was older and got my first dog Cyan, that I realized the full involvement of having a dog.  He taught us many lessons about caring for a dog and who we were as people at the time and now our girl Lucy benefits from everything we learned.

Cyan the Border Collie Bloodhound Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Cyan the Border Collie Bloodhound Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

Our world is centered around the happiness of our dog.  Some might say that we sacrifice too much for our dog.  Sure there are tough times when things aren’t always easy, but the good overcome the bad every time.  Our dogs have given us the routine of getting outside daily, regardless of the weather and exercising on a daily basis in a natural environment that is both good for our mind and body.

Maybe it sounds silly but the fact that we have a dog helps us make better decisions in all aspects of our lives and a day does not go by when we share a laugh and know that we are needed and loved at the end of the day.

I hope everyone’s Year of the Dog is full of loyal friends, sincere laughter and fun adventures.


written by Michelle Lee 2018

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