Rural Rubbish

All my life I have found rural rubbish to be very fascinating.  I have lived in rural Canada most of my life and have always done a lot of hiking and adventuring so one tends to come across interesting things and old rubbish in the middle of the bush.  Of course my first reaction is oh wow, another human making a mess of things and then my curiosity kicks in.

All kinds of questions come to mind like…. What the hell?  How did this get into the middle of the bush?  Who thought it was a good idea to put this here?  Did this person have no other garbage facilities available to them?  Was there an accident?  Did someone think they were being a rebel by putting garbage in the bush?  How long has this been here?  What the hell was that?  Do I want to know?

It all started when I was fairly young and hiking around the forests near my farm house in southern Ontario with my uncle.  Back in my day the kids were allowed to run free for the most part so off my uncle and I went adventuring for the day.  We must have been walking for two hours through the country and forest when we came across a really old car, something from the 30’s or 40’s.  Now there was no visible road that I could see, not even any traces of an old one but somehow this car made it here and it looks like it had been in an accident.  As a child my imagination ran wild and I thought of all sorts of crazy things.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the car as we carried on our hike, how did that get there, did someone die there, who put that there, was there a ghost in the forest following us now, what the heck….a kids imagination is an interesting place needless to say.

From then on when I come across rubbish in the wild I can’t help but find it interesting and even artistic in a strange way.  Maybe it’s seeing man made stuff being broken down and reclaimed by nature.  The older the better, like that old car my uncle and I found or this strange old can of Glo-Coat I found, what the heck…party gone bad or just simply a bunch of garbage…oh the stories rural rubbish could tell.

Glo-Coat Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Glo-Coat Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

written by Michelle Lee 2018

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