Photography and Life’s Tempo

Life’s tempo is an interesting thing.  I feel that we all have our own personal tempo.  Most of us can recognize when we are at our best tempo, or pace in life.  Although it might not flow with the world around you and it sometimes feels like forces are against you, but you know you have a preferred way to roll.  I tend to have a rather quick and efficient tempo that has been known to get me in trouble when it comes to driving a hot hatchback or any vehicle for that matter.  I enjoy going fast and don’t tend to sit for long periods of time.  It’s like everything is a rally and I need to be as competent as possible.

I’m happy to say that as I age I am enjoying a slightly slower tempo and I’m good with that.  There was a time when I would have been irritated, but now I am having fun going a bit slower.  Recently I have picked up a camera again full time, in fact a few cameras.  I have been taking pictures for many years, personally and professionally but recently I have had a whole new pile of inspiration thrown my way.  This new muse has helped me not only slow my tempo in life, but it has also brought the awareness in my surroundings to a whole new level of appreciation.

I live in a beautiful place but when that is all you know it can become normal and common to you. You notice it, but you don’t really see it.  The beauty can be lost on you.

Trout Lake Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Trout Lake Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

With this new craze to take pictures I need a daily fix it seems, so I am willing to stop the car to capture the view or wait for the sunset to be just right.  I am stepping away from the computer to take a photo or venturing down roads and paths in search of a great pic when I would have normally just passed it all by on my daily routine.  This renewed passion has reminded me to stop and smell the flowers and take a moment to just be in the moment.  I know this perspective is slightly overstated these days but there is a reason for that, it really does make life better to be in the moment.  Stop and just breathe and see the world around you.  Through photography I have rediscovered the child in me that knows it’s OK to be in awe of the natural and simple things in life.

written by Michelle Lee 2018

Here are a few photos I have taken on my renewed journey with photography…


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