Harry the Blue Heron

While out and about one afternoon this week, I decided to stop in town and walk around with my camera, which I never seem to leave home without these days.  I have lived in and around this small town for many years now and I could fool myself into thinking that I had seen everything; that there were no more pictures to be had.  Of course I know better and even more so these days it seems.

So off I went around the interesting village of Sechelt, British Columbia located on the Sunshine Coast.  I was looking for photos that were not of the amazing scenery or the coastal beauty around me, too tempting of a subject sometimes.  I was getting some great pics when I found myself drawn to the walkway around the Trail Bay Pier.

Sechelt Village Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Sechelt Village Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

Who was I kidding, I couldn’t stay away from the great view so why resist.  I started taking some fun shots of the water with the birds and happily the sun was at a great angle, all was blissful. <insert your favorite bird chirping> 

Sechelt, British Columbia Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Sechelt, British Columbia Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

Then it got better…I heard a women behind me quietly saying “do you see the Blue Heron”.  I wasn’t sure if she was speaking to me or just her daughter.  Then I heard it again, so I thought too look around for a Blue Heron.  Then the quiet voice said, “no in the tree”.  I turned around and the women motioned to the tree right beside me.  Just on the other side was a beautiful Blue Heron, just hanging out, preening in the sun.  So I positioned myself to take some photos of this bonus encounter.  That’s when it got even better then standing by the seashore on a sunny day photographing nature with my camera.  All the locals out and about also enjoying the sun started stopping and admiring the Blue Heron as well and noticing how calm it was, even with people and dogs just feet away.  The folks all started talking and sharing stories and that is when I was informed that the Heron’s name was Harry and he sits there a regular basis.  He was known to the locals and seemed rather comfortable with all the attention.  It was a real treat and this afternoon reminded me of why I stop and enjoy the view and the great community I live in.

written by Michelle Lee 2018

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