Flora Gallery

It seemed like the right time of year in our hemisphere to share our Flora Gallery with you and Welcome Spring at the same time.


Pacific Northwest flora, in particular South Western British Columbia flora, is a lush collection of evergreens, deciduous trees, ferns, mosses, lichens, shrubs, and well let’s just say anything that can grow here does.  When I first moved to British Columbia from Ontario, I was stunned by the flora and how BIG everything was.  Sure we had ferns back east but not near as large as the ones I saw just on the outskirts of Vancouver.  The huge evergreen forests were amazing to see for the first time and still hold me in wonder every day.  Spring brought the Cherry Blossom trees in the city to full bloom, with their delicate pink and white flowers and intoxicating scent that fills the air for weeks.

Spring starts earlier on the West Coast of British Columbia, compared to the rest of Canada that is.  It is something best kept to oneself if speaking with someone from the East Coast, as it can irritate them to no end to hear about the damn flowers “springing” up everywhere when they still have snow on the ground.  So the story goes, that is how SPRING got its name; because all the new flora was “springing” out of the ground.  Well that was clever….  But truly, the season does kind of “spring” up on you, at least around my house.  One day the trees are in a deep sleep, the flower buds are still snuggled in the dirt and the birds are nowhere to be seen or heard and then WHAM!…. everything is growing and changing and there are birds everywhere and the sun is shining.         <insert happy dance> 🙂

Fir Tree in the Sun Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Fir Tree in the Sun Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

It is easy to get excited about the warmer weather and the buzz of life going on around you; as we humans also start to loosen up, as the energy in the body moves up and out like buds in the spring.  This can tend to make you feel warmer and thinking to yourself its OK to shed your layers of winter clothing.  But in the Spring the wind can be more of a potent force to the body and can bring on sickness if one is susceptible.  Just a small health tip I have learned from studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Simply put, remember to keep your neck and torso bundled for a little while longer to ensure you build strength for the high energy time of the year.

The flora photographs that we share in our gallery are from all seasons, as we truly love nature in our house and never seem to stop taking flora pictures of all kinds.  So along with a bunch of our favorites from seasons passed, we have some new images to celebrate the awakening of nature all around us this Spring.  We hope you visit our Flora Gallery and take a moment to enjoy and relax.

Enter the Full Flora Gallery

Click on any photo to open an image slideshow.

written by Michelle Lee 2018



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