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Our feature gallery blog this week is for our Fauna Collection.  Even though it might sound cliche it is still true to say that we love animals in our house.  Friends used to joke about how many different animals we had as pets and would always ask, what’s next?

There is something really rewarding when you capture a great photo of an animal in their environment.  You almost feel like you have gotten to know them a bit better, sharing a moment in time, bringing you closer to the true beat of the earth’s energy.  You need to be patient, respectful of your surroundings and you need to be observant.  When you walk up to a flower or a tree it doesn’t jump up and run off, but that bird sure will.  Sure big lovely lenses help you with the distance needed between you and the animal but I find being close to the animal and coming away with a beautiful photo almost like you were allowed to share the same space and in doing so are balanced with nature’s vibe.

Spring Robin Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Spring Robin Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018


According to the Discovery for Kids web site:

Are humans considered animals?

“Scientists describe virtually everything that is alive as animal or plant. So, if you’re not a plant then you are an animal! In fact, you are a specific kind of animal called a mammal. Know what you all have in common? Your mothers have breast milk that can feed young; you have hair or fur; and you are born live instead of inside an egg or case! In fact, human mammals are born not only alive — but kicking and screaming!”


In our house we also feel all animals are special, for lack of a better word, and should be respected.  This always brings up the conversation of humans being considered animals.  For some reason this seems to be an ongoing conversation that can cause differences of opinions.  I’m not too sure why, what’s the big deal, we are animals!  This seems logical to me; I enjoy being an animal as life as a flower, tree or shrub doesn’t interest me, at the moment at least. 🙂

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written by Michelle Lee 2018

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