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The last featured gallery blog post, is for our Places Gallery.  This was a difficult post as the word “place” has such a broad range of meanings.  In this case we will start with “a particular position or point in space”.

Place: locationsitespotsettingpositionsituationarearegionlocale.

Now this is all still very vague.  So let’s go to the philosophical sense of a “place”; simply being the spot in which you exist at that moment.  In a photographic application this then becomes dangerous, so if I am there and take a picture, I can call it location photography?  Well that could get out of hand, I already have tonnes of photos to work through.
So what if we put some parameters in place to help, 🙂 no pun intended…  For a photo to be of a place does a structure of some sort need to be present?  Be it a human made structure like a building, or a natural structure like a mountain?  Then what happens when it to comes to a photo of a beach or of a forest, no structures there really.  OK, so perhaps let’s say the place photo needs to have a recognizable subject, a known mountain, river, building, etc…  Now you could say that all places, that a human has been, is recognizable by someone.  So what if the little mountain you took a picture of is not well known to the masses, it was still a nice “place” to you.
Foggy Bridge Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Foggy Bridge Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
So, am I any closer in coming to a conclusion in what constitutes as a “place” when taking a photograph, I’d have to say no.  Does this really matter, not particularly.  So with all that figured out, 🙂 here are some the photos of the places we have been and would like to share with you.
Click on any photo to open an image slideshow.

written by Michelle Lee 2018

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