Clear Visual Definition

The word focus has several meanings; the centre of interest or activity, focal point, central point, centre of attentionhubpivotnucleusheartcore, etc…  In regards to photography it could also be described as the state or quality of having or producing a clear visual definition.  I have always taken this somewhat seriously with my photography and would get grumpy if something was out of focus.  Now of course there are times, when you want all the lines crisp, or to have the sharp definition of the subject to feel as though you can almost touch it.  But I have discovered things don’t always need to be so crisp and sharp to still be an enjoyable image.  This is something I am embracing and enjoying very much.  Not to say I am just being lazy and shooting things out of focus, as what kind of challenge would that be.  I am more looking to plan the softness or to know what lines I want to blur. The task of still providing a focal point or spot of interest without sharpness is an interesting journey. It becomes a quest for light, patterns and shapes and how they change with focus.  If you think about it, it is amazing that cameras let us capture the world around us in this manner.  I can squint my eyes or try to blur my vision but there is no way I can do a zoom effect with my eyeballs.  Here’s to blurring the lines sometimes. 

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written by Michelle Lee 2018

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