Let your Eyes Wander

Living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada is a never ending source of beautiful views, sunsets, and coastal imagery that makes taking photos an easy task some days.  Living in a coastal setting is more than just easy photo ops, it is a way of life that I have come to truly appreciate.  I remember when I was little and we would go to the cottage, all of a sudden everyone had their lawn chairs out, a cold beverage in hand and were just content to sit and stare off across the water.  No screens or small talk seem to be needed.  Everyone was just happy with the opportunity to let their eyes wander until they reached the horizon and back.

Lake Side Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Lake Side Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

Now that I live full time near the water, and a bit bigger body of water then the Great Lakes, I find it curiously interesting how relaxing a water view can be to people.  There is something about letting your eyes wander, not needing to focus on any one thing.  It is a form of meditation as I see it, like a camp fire that can take you away from the moment, yet making you more part of everything around you.

Halfmoon Bay British Columbia Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018
Halfmoon Bay British Columbia Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

The value of a water view is also very apparent where I live.  If your house is on the water or has a view you can bet the value of your house will be higher then the neighbour with no view.  We seem to promote water in almost all vacation brochures, as if your vacation doesn’t include some water it might not be as fun or relaxing.  Setting aside the fact that humans are made of mostly water, water plays an important role in allowing oneself to relax, reflect and regenerate.  I don’t think I could live without water around me now and the views will never get old.  Take a moment and let your eyes wander, enjoying some of the coastal photos I would like to share with you.

Click on any photo to open an image slideshow.

written by Michelle Lee 2019

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