Engrooved Splash Productions is a photographic imaging partnership that was started in 1996 in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada by Michelle and Charles.  With a background in business and an education in photography we decided to become self employed and Engrooved Splash was created.  We started out with product photography, headshots for models, executive and personal portraiture and promotional shots for musicians.

East Vancouver Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions
East Vancouver Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

After a few years we decided to make the move to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, as we wanted to move to a rural location but still be close to a vibrant community of artists and the Sunshine Coast seemed perfect.  Soon after moving to the Coast we bought a 1 Hour Photo Lab (back when they still existed) and our business started to grow.  We continued our portraits, product and promo photography but also moved into passports, weddings, sports, aerial, and real-estate photos, as well as providing the community with all the services of a photo lab with a studio and a full custom darkroom.

British Columbia Foggy Forest Photo by Engrooved Splash Productions ©2018

A few years later a niche opened up for us in fine art reproductions as we grew to learn what the Sunshine Coast artists needed from us.  The high demand for fine art reproduction and the coming of digital imaging had us restructure our business and we began to focus on fine art giclee reproductions.

Recently we have been looking at our own personal collection of photos and have decided it is time to share our own art with others.  We have enjoyed helping other artists grow over the years and we have learned a lot working with them, but we are excited about the next phase of Engrooved Splash.  With this comes our new blog and website where we are looking forward to venturing into many different topics and life’s great curiosities.

Besides our blog we also have image galleries where you can view our photographs and gain a glimpse of the world around us.  For your enjoyment we have our Fine Art collection as well as Fauna, Flora, Places and Transportation.  A little something for everyone!

Enjoy & Thanks for stopping by!


  • Thanks for liking my latest post, the first I’ve put up in some months. Your Yang form is superb. Your teacher must be very good. Your photography is fantastic, too! Your writing delves – immerses – into the matter of your subject quite intricately. Similar to the photos.

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